Subud Regional Gathering – 2014

Dear Friends,

Time for an update on the upcoming gathering.

Here is the general outline:

Friday:  6:00 LATIHAN, followed by potluck dinner and optional outing to the stadium for fireworks viewing (Cedar as tour guide).

Saturday: 9:00 Opening circle, followed by 10:30 LATIHAN/TESTING, followed by 12:30 LUNCH, followed by more latihan/testing/possible workshops, followed by 6:00 AWESOME DINNER (organized by Sydney, catered by cowtown barbecue) followed by ENTERTAINMENT & AUCTION.

Sunday: 9:00 LATIHAN at Solstice Center, 302 Pearl St.  Finish by 12.

So, I promised more details on what we might need from the group – here it is!

1. FRIDAY IS OPEN TO THE GROUP, even if you haven’t registered for the weekend. The price of admission – FOOD!  Please come to latihan, welcome our visitors, bring something to eat.  There will be about 40 adults and 10 kids (plus extra Boulder people).  If you haven’t been to latihan in a while, this could be a nice way to reconnect with the group and meet some of the members from further afield.

2. if you haven’t registered but still want to come, please let me and Eli (who’s handling the regional/financial end of things) know as soon as possible so we can give a final count to the caterers.  You could just come for latihans and meals, or hang out for the whole thing…

3. There will be a silent auction and a live auction.  Even if you’re not coming, consider donating/buying auction items to help raise funds for the region.  The silent auction can be anything – art, handmade things, things that need a new home, fun small things.  We would also like a few ‘larger’ items for the live auction (auctioneer – Ren – should be good!).  Laura is organizing the auction, and Cedar will be contacting you directly to solicit donations. (The silent auction will end on Saturday evening, and the live auction will be after dinner on Saturday).

4. There will be evening entertainment on Saturday after dinner.  Please show off your talents!  Let me know if you’d like to perform.

5. There should be time for some workshops – these could be a talk on something you’re interested in, or an art activity, or a yoga class, or a walk…let me know if you have ideas.


FRIDAY – We really need some volunteer help, particularly for Friday (the rest of the weekend, I’m sure participants will pitch in).  The regional committee/helpers begin meeting around 3, so we need to set up before then (say beginning at 1:00?) –  moving chairs, setting up the rooms for latihan, beginning to organize for dinner.  Before latihan, we need some people to receive food donations.  Then, after latihan, we will need more help – to set up for dinner, organize food contributions, clean up from dinner, etc.  Cedar will be organizing the trip to the fireworks, but she may need some other people to help shepherd people to the bus/stadium.

SATURDAY – There will be a general need for set-up and clean-up – for latihans, before meals, after meals, for the entertainment, etc.

SUNDAY – set-up and clean-up at the Solstice Center.

Cedar will be contacting you directly about the potluck (we thought it might be good to have an idea of what people want to bring).  Please talk to me or Cedar about workshop/performance requests.  And let any of us (me, Cedar, Sydney, Laura) know if you’d like to volunteer at any particular time/for any particular thing.

Thank you, thank you in advance for your help!

I am also attaching a letter that is going out to everyone coming to the meeting.  Even if you’re not planning to come, I thought you might like to see it.
Here’s the letter:
Dear Subud Family,

We look forward to welcoming you to Boulder in a couple of weeks. Here a couple of details about the weekend:


The Friday schedule has changed. We will be starting the evening with latihan, followed by dinner, followed by possible fireworks viewing!

The schedule will be:

3:00 – 4:00 Regional Helpers & National Helpers meet4:00 – 5:00 Regional Council Meets


7:00 DINNER (Potluck provided by Boulder group)

AFTER DINNER: There will be time for clean-up from dinner and hanging out. Also, Cedar Feldman-Barstow has offered to show people the way to the stadium – via bus from the Subud Hall – to see the fireworks. If people miss the 6:00 latihan, there can probably be one later in the evening. And, if you don’t want to go to the stadium, there are other viewing spots in town. Boulder puts on a good show! Here’s the information on Fireworks:

A grand free fireworks display begins at about 9:40 at the CU Stadium.  It is accessible by free bus that goes up and down Broadway.  Gates open at 8 with group singing and entertainment.  We can all go together or in smaller groups. Very fun.  See more at: Questions? Ask Cedar

Friday and Saturday we will be meeting at the Friend’s Meeting House, 1825 Upland, Boulder 80304:


9:00 Opening Circle

10:30 Latihan & Testing

12:30 – 2 LUNCH

2:00 – 5:00 Committee/Helper testing, regional business, silent auction and fun things (time permitting)

6 – 7:30 Dinner

8:00 Live Auction, entertainment


Please bring items for the Silent Auction. Items can be new or something that needs a new home and is in good condition. It could be a piece of art or a photograph. It could be a special household item, a book, or toy, something funny, or anything you think someone might enjoy.

Bring your item on Friday when you arrive. There will be a Silent Auction table. Our meeting space is small – you won’t have trouble finding the table. There will be a form to fill out, with the name of the item and the minimum bid.

Laura Lathrop says, “The fun of a silent auction is the light-hearted bidding against one another, and kids can bid too. Once at an auction a friend brought a dozen green eggs from her special hens, and the bidding went as high as $20.”


We hope to have a few special items for a live auction. We may select a few things from the silent auctions donations; if you have something you’d like to donate for this, please do so! Any questions, please contact Laura.


Let me (Orianne) know if you’d like to perform, with a general idea of what you’d like to do, how much time you need, and if you need any equipment provided. If you can let me know ahead of time, great, but if you just show up ready to sing or dance we’ll figure it out. No piano, but we are hoping for an electric keyboard.


The priority for the weekend is on the regional “business” especially the selection/testing for new committee and helpers. We don’t want to schedule things to conflict with this, but our region usually finishes business pretty efficiently, and it’d be nice to have some fun options for Saturday afternoon, and possibly Sunday morning.

Would you like to offer something? Is there something you’d like to see offered? How much time would you like? Do you need anything?


On Sunday, our congress changes venue (as the Quakers use their hall on Sunday!) We will be meeting at the Solstice Center, 302 Pearl St., Boulder:

The location is great – walking distance to both downtown Boulder and hiking. Parking very limited, so please allow time. Parking is free on Sundays, so you don’t have to worry about feeding the meter if you’re in a pay spot.

9:00 Latihan

10:00 – 12:00 Closing activities

If there’s any unfinished regional business, this is the time for it. It’s a bit harder to run workshops here, but we might be able to – or perhaps have a group hike? I’m not sure if we will be having simultaneous or sequential latihans here – should know soon!


On Friday, please bring your kids to the Friends Meeting House. There is a park and a school with a playground just across the street – we’ll arrange for someone to watch the kids during latihan, and then they can join us for dinner. (If it’s pouring with rain, we’ll come up with an alternate plan!)

On Saturday and Sunday, childcare will be at Sydney Hoerler’s house: 1100 Maxwell, Boulder. Sydney and Steve have generously donated the use of their space. They have lots of indoor space and a well–contained backyard. They are also walking distance to a great park/playground, as well as to shops/restaurants (including a home-made ice cream store…). I think the best idea would be for parents to drop their kids off on Saturday morning, and then perhaps the childcare people can drive/bus the kids up to the congress venue (a ten minute drive, or easy bus ride) to meet up for dinner.


Many of the local group members have offered spare rooms, spare beds, floor space, or outdoor camping space. If you have not yet arranged a place to stay, please do contact Laura and she will see what we can do!


Please come prepared to enjoy yourselves and participate. Please make new friends. Also volunteer – we will need some help over the weekend with set-up and clean-up of rooms and meals. Many hands make light work.

Please bring items for the auction. And buy things!

Please come and show off your performance talents in the evening.

Please share your passions in a workshop

Also – a number of people have informed us that they’re gluten-free, but I don’t think it’s a complete list. If you have specific needs, please let us know SOON and we will try to accommodate them.

Many thanks,

Orianne, Laura, Cedar, Sydney

Here’s our team contact information. We each have specific areas we’re covering, but please feel free to contact any of us with any questions about anything.

Orianne Evans:;

Any general questions, evening entertainment, workshops: Laura Lathrop:, (301) 717-4398

Auction & accommodation: Sydney Hoerler:

Meals & childcare: Cedar Barstow: