Subud Latihan

What is Subud Latihan


Subud is a way to renew contact with the power of God. It is a direct spiritual experience, the latihan,  which arises from within. Receiving this contact with the Great Life Force re-awakens your inner feeling and puts you in touch with your own guidance. It is a simple, natural process that occurs without effort or study.

Where Did It Come From?

This contact was first received in Indonesia in 1925 by Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (1901-1987). After three years of receiving this spiritual experience, which he called the latihan kejiwaan, Indonesian for spiritual exercise, Bapak was able to pass it on to others. In time, they also were able to transmit it to those who asked.

How Can I Experience It?

If you are seventeen or older and have the sincere wish to worship God you can receive the contact for the first time by being present with others who are doing their latihan. This is called the opening. The latihan is usually done twice a week and lasts about thirty minutes.

How Does It Work?

People receive according to their own natures. As the latihan goes deeper, you begin to receive and understand the inner guidance which accompanies you through your life. You can be in contact with this spiritual experience, without any intermediary, any time, anywhere.

What Is The Benefit?

Although Subud is not a religion, many have found a deeper understanding of their own beliefs from the evidence they receive for themselves. In the eighty countries that have Subud groups, people of different races, nationalities and religions experience a feeling of harmony from receiving the latihan together.

How Do I Join Subud?

You may find local SUBUD™ groups in your area by going to Regional Contacts There you will find a listing of SUBUD™ Centers in major metropolitain areas. If you do not live near one of the centers you may also send an email to

or write to:

14019 NE 8th Street, Suite A
Bellevue, WA
tel: 425.643.1904

You will then be referred to a helper (an experienced member) in your geographic area. A three month “applicant period” is suggested, so you can truely know if SUBUD™ is right for you to join. It’s the helpers’ job to answer your questions and inform you as much as possible about SUBUD™. Your first latihan (spiritual exercise) is called the “opening”.

Additional Resources

For a more detailed explanation, please read:
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by Varindra Vittachi as a preface to his book of Subud stories in 1988,

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